Bukedea Locals Protest Among Assassination Claims

Residents from Bukedea district have this afternoon staged protests against the speakers assassination claims.

The crowds reportedly matched from Bukedea Town Council to Kolir sub-county Headquarters. This was meant to show solidarity with their area woman MP.

Bukedea Locals Protesting.

The furious locals are said to have been moved by the Speakers alarm over assassination claims she made on Thursday.

Locals matching to Kolir S/C Hqrs

Hon. Anita Among is the district Woman MP who doubles as Speaker of Parliament.

She made an alarm affirming that her car was recently by trailed by unknown assailants.

The protests follow the statement issued by the Speaker on Thursday’s during Plenary sitting that she had received death threats.

Angry charged locals with Placards.

The charged residents carrying placards vowed to protect their daughter at all costs demanding quick government intervention.

The protestors stormed Kolir Sub-County Headquarters as they mobilized fellow locals to raise up against the death claims.

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