Floods Wreck Havoc in Bulambuli District

Residents of Zema, Buluganya, Bumasobo and those along river Simu banks are counting losses after a heavy down pour.

According the the locals, they assert that the water levels raised and broke the River banks sweeping away bridges and property.

Zema Locals seeming Helpless.

Reports indicate that several motorcycles have been taken up by the flooding water are volumes had risen subjecting riders to fear.

Residents witnessing the flooding scenes.

Several property including Agri products and houses have been affected in the process. Meanwhile there are no fatalities reported yet.

Movement in the area has been paralysed after several bridges were swept off due to the heavy downpour.

Watch the video here

Woniala Isaac Ravinz

Journalist with great Zeal in telling stories and Events as they unfold with great emphasis on Popular culture.

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