Friends spill More Secrets of MUBS Pornstar

WATCH: Another Video of Mubs "Porn star" stinging herself with a 6 inch cucumber leaks

As the dust is yet to settle after a Mubs student only identified as Selina Mitchelle. Our snoops on ground have revealed the victim leaked her videos, another video of has leaked.

The sexy and beautiful MUBS student has left so many men wetting their pants as it has shocked the citizens.

Trending Selina Mitchelle.

She is seen in a Video all naked masterfully ‘stinging” masturbating herself with an overly 6 inch cucumber.

WATCH THE VIDEOS HERE, latest Selina’s videos

After several videos leaking to the public, the videos have brought alot of uproar and mixed reactions on social media.

Selina and her pals.

So many have appreciated her sexual prowess and others condemning it as unreligious.

Our snoops are on ground and will get you updated.


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  1. I’ve been following this girl on Instagram since 2019 but ehh am wondering Why beautiful girls are always like that

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