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Kadodi Karnival Nominated at Ekuula Tourism Awards

The KADODI KARNIVAL has been nominated for the EKUULA TOURISM AWARDS under the category of PEARL OF AFRICA EVENT OF THE YEAR.

People from all walks of life thronged the Uganda Museum on the 8th of May 2022 to take part in the Kadodi Festival after the two years break due to Covid-19.

Dancers at a Kadodi ceremony.

Kadodi is a traditional dance among the Bamasaba performed during circumcision period however is always celebrated through a festival.

Jubilant crowd during Kadodi dance

The festival, which was organised by the Kimaru Foundation is meant to showcase the Bamasaba culture in Kampala.

Kadodi Karnival is the first Gishu cultural festival in Kampala.

Traditional Drums

The Bagisu people are known to be fearless when it comes to imbalu (circumcision) ceremonies. These are held in August and December during even years.

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