Kyambogo University Students Outs her Nudes

As it has been a new trend, a fresh student leader from Kyambogo University has released her nudes.

This however has got mixed reactions from the internet users and experts with some ridiculing the whole scenario.

Late this evening, the internet has just been painted with the ugly scenes and nudes from a female student of Kyambogo University.

The video tape of a Kyambogo student leader only identified as Nasasira Jennet. It is making rounds with many questioning why she let it to the public.

According to our inside sources, its alleged that the student released the video clip herself. because she wanted to gain fame which we ain’t sure whether she got it.

This video among several videos released by students from several institutions and cities with people desperately looking for fame.

This has however left many questions whether it’s a new trend of students releasing their private tapes to the public in the name of gaining fame.

This Kyambogo student leader video tape and photos just surfaced on social media while she is in bed doing bad things to herself.


In another video, she is seen with a fellow student in the same room while the other is seated, and for her she is dancing to music while flashing her sumbie to the viewers.

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