Man stabbed to death over Ugx 2000 in Bulambuli

Locals turn rowdy in Buginyanya, Bulambuli district after a man stabbed another after a football match over shillings 2000

Local residents of Buginyanya in Bulambuli district have turned rowdy after a boda Bodaboda man was stabbed to death.

The deceased only identified as Tom Woyaba was stabbed by a friend over 2000 shillings transport fee in Bulambuli.

The Police in Bulambuli district are investigating circumstances which saw Nangoli Micheal hack his friend to death.

Locals assert that the two developed a misunderstanding on allegations of failing to pay Ugx2000 for transport from Bikuuka match.

The incident happened over the weekend 5th/11/2022 in Buginyanya line centre, Kilwali parish, Buginyanya S/C, Bulambuli district.

Meanwhile, after the postmortem, the locals created tension with the family of the deceased threatening to destroy property. Earlier allegations were that the family wanted to seek revenge for the loss of their son.

This however compelled security to swing into action and deploy both military and police to contain the tense situation.

Locals affirm that Nangoli was very drunk and with knife during football game between Ginyanya and Kobero at Bulegeni play grounds.

The suspect a one Nangoli Micheal is on the run as Police are hunting for his where about to answers chargers against him.

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