VIDEO REVIEW: Kyalo Kyayoneka by Enny Mak & Ohrasta

Currently, the country is experiencing a couple of unimaginable abominations and occurrences that have left locals terrified.

Award winning Enny Mak umugozagira

Here, we bring you a video review of one of the sensational songs from Eastern Uganda talking about the contemporary society and injustices.

Kyalo Kyayoneka is a Lugisu word that loosely translates the world has gone insane. With a lot of in just actions and evils deeds.

Behind the Scenes Enny Mak and Ohrasta

Enny Mak employs his lyrical maturity as he preaches the message exposing the evil in the society. He goes on the depict the actions in the scenes show casing how mothers are subject to the suffering majority.

The versatility of Ohrasta who blends on the song draws forward a message of society awareness and togetherness.

Watch the Full video Here:

The scenes are spectacular and characters as directed by the director. Great art employed by the acts.

The visuals were shot and directed by Wallace and Audio produced by kushese Drummer boy.

Woniala Isaac Ravinz

Journalist with great Zeal in telling stories and Events as they unfold with great emphasis on Popular culture.

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