Queen Mercy features Omomo on Pashetap Ngarakwe

The Sebei region songstress Queen Mercy has collaborated with Kenyan Diva Omomo Boss on Pashetap Ngarakwek.

The new musical project is all about celebration after an achievement. The word Pashetap Ngarakwek literally means celebrating marriage and or triumph after success is attained.

Omomo Boss

The two ladies have a Kalenjini origin despite coming from two different countries thus Kenya and Uganda.

The vocal songs birds blends on well to draw a message to the audience majorly in Kapchorwa and western Kenya.

The audio project was produced from western Kenya at Wesans production in Bomet county in kenya.

Queen Mercy has enjoyed the musical space in Sebei region with her projects such as Chochibeka and Sebei nation.

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