Enny Mak & Bryan Wak Drop Shanguka Audio

The new phenomenal Lugisu dancehall singer Enny Mak is at it again teaming up with Bryan Wak.

The duo previously recorded a traditional Kadodi song but have this time again stormed studio and recorded Shanguka.

This latest audio project was produced by Dokta Pinan of Monster studios who employs in all the art and creativity.

Shanguka is a Lugisu word literally meaning give way. The two singers ask for space and way to those with potential to handle the situation.

Shanguka is a dancehall song that is set to thrill revelers and dissing party animals who want to claim bragging rights.

The song mainly sends a message to those that can’t manage something to give way for those that have the capacity.

Enny Mak affirms that this current musical project is to end the year in style as he ushers in his long time friend to the singing arena.

Woniala Isaac Ravinz

Journalist with great Zeal in telling stories and Events as they unfold with great emphasis on Popular culture.

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