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MUBS BONANZA: Students of Valley Courts Hostel Leak 3$0me Viral video

Majority of the public have been left speechless as to why MUBS students are leaking their viral videos.

Just days after a similar incident, this evening, the internet has just been watered with clip of students from Valley Courts Hostel.

These were filmed in 3$0me as they were enjoying a big Cassava of one loyal vendor distributing across.

Watch full Video Here as MUBS students get roasted with one man Cassava.

MUBS students have decided to prove all Universities wrong when it comes to playing chewing games.

These have resorted to releasing viral videos serving Sumbis and Cassava all over the entire public through the usage internet channels.


Well, it seems it’s now very normal for students to eat the forbidden fruit from anywhere they feel like.

It’s allegedly believed that they go on to share their private clips all over different social media platforms in the name of gaining fame.

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