Parliament Cancels Nyege Nyege Festival

MPs Cancel Nyege Nyege festival over claims of immorality.

Parliament has this afternoon confirmed the total cancelation of Nyege Nyege event slated for 15th to 18th this month.

Curtsey Photo of revelers during the festival

The event that is occasionally hosted in Jinja has been cancelled and banned by the legislators in Parliament.

Tents at the venue in the previous event.

The members of Parliament have affirmed that the festival brings moral decadence in the society as it promotes Immorality.

According to the Rt Hon. Anita Among, she says that this is aimed at preserving morals and the under age from the immorality.

Official poster for the upcoming festival.

“We are talking about the morality of this country; we are talking about our children. are trying to promote tourism at the expense of our children?. We are not going to allow this function to take part.”- Speaker AnitahAmong on Nyege Nyege.

This decision however has been passed unanimously by the entire August house asserting that the event promotes immoral activities.

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