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PHOTOS: Weasel Manizo Beats wife to Pulp

Musician Weasel Manizo has resurfaced in the news after mercilessly beating up his mama baby.

According to reliable sources, Weasel has been reported to have over time assaulted his baby mama Sandra Teta.

Close neighbors to the remaining singing half have affirmed the the singer has turned his wife into a punching bag.

Reports have it that whenever Weasel takes cocaine, alcohol and weed, he gets into hostile mode and it’s Teta that faces the consequences.

It’s however alleged that last week the singer beat up his wife to the extent that she lost her consciousness.

Meanwhile, today, Weasel is said to have beaten up Teta to pulp something that has bothered Neitizens.

However, Weasel over time asserts that his baby mama comes home late from her hustle of hosting bar theme nights. Something he is opposed to.

On contrary, Teta accuses Weasel of negligence and that he never accords them necessary help and support.

Inside sources have it that the singer nolonger supports the family financially. He is said to have always said he is broke.

The sources further affirms that Teta tries left, right and centre to earn something to support the family. And the only opportunities at her disposal are hosting bar theme nights.

Weasels wife Sandra Teta after being beaten up

It’s reported that whenever she gets back home she finds Weasel drunk, intoxicated and angry like a lion and beats her to a pulp.

It’s noted that this morning Weasel got his two children with Teta and took them to Nomads bar- Gaba Road and dumped them there at the gate.

Neighbors reveal that Weasel’s intentions were to show his baby mama that he is not impressed with the lady’s hustle.

The eye witnesses say that he did all this after kicking, punching and inflicting all sorts of physical pain on Teta.

This is however not the first celebrity couple involved in domestic violence, Private sources says Teta needs quick medical attention after the brutal fight.

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