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Pregnant Woman Caught Performing Last Ritual with Pastor

VIDEO: Zambian Woman Caught Performing Last Ritual with a Congolese Pastor on the matrimonial bed.

The internet has been littered with a video of a pregnant woman (Martha) who was caught with another man performing a ritual.

Pregnant woman

Reports have it that the lady was once rumoured to be barren and decided to visit a Congolese Pastor who performed a ritual on her.

Candles lit ready for the ritual.

News has it that upon her first ritual, she went back home and conceived. It’s upon this background that the pastor and woman have been meeting privately.

The rituals between the ungodly man were being performed on the matrimonial bed minus the consent of the husband.

Congolese Pastor Caught Performing Last Ritual

The ritualist and the woman could light up candles and proceed with their games flirting and having sexual intercourse.

Couple Caught Performing Last Ritual naked

Unfortunately today, the woman ran out of luck as her husband caught her red handed and filmed them naked.

The man in the video goes on to ask the lady and the pastor to get down as he films them the woman whose pleas fall on the deaf ear.

“Get down, don’t move, you told me that you are going to Kitwe, don’t move please, on my bed Martha. Honestly, be there, be there,” Martha’s JOIN TELEGRAM AND WATCH FULL VIDEO HERE

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